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Bar Stories 

Singapore Cocktail Scene’s Best Kept Secret

In 2009, A Thousand Tales, a cafe cum furniture store opened along a quiet, narrow street in the heart of town, along Haji Lane. The following year, we opened Bar Stories, borrowing the concept of customization and attention to the customer’s experience, and applied it to the craft of cocktail making.

In the ten years that Bar Stories has been in business, we have been admired and followed by many in our industry, and perhaps unknowingly, pioneered the craft cocktail scene in Singapore. Many of Bar Stories alumni have gone on to helm many other cocktail bars throughout the country, and some have even gone on to win accolades in the F&B industry.

Till today, Bar Stories continues to operate as a hole-in-the-wall, nestled in a vibrant and heritage-rich enclave, surrounded by modern skyscrapers and old-world charm of carpet sellers, quaint cafes, mosques, and other quirky shops.

Bar Stories has never, and perhaps will never, have a formal cocktail menu. Those familiar with us will always be charmed by our friendly, yet knowledgeable staff who will customize your drink order around your mood, taste, and palette.

Come on down and try the Bar Stories experience for yourself. We look forward to serving you soon.


Head Mixologist

Dave Koh

Dave got acquainted with Bar Stories, first as a walk-in customer in 2011, then a member of the team, then its manager, and finally as a co-owner in 2017. Nominated for the Bar Manager of the Year award at the World Gourmet Summit of 2019, Dave will surely continue to blaze a trail for others to follow in the local craft cocktail scene.

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